Tippsta disc golf park

Disc golf is a simple sport to take on and start, the basic rules can be learned quickly. Below are the rules that are necessary to play at the standard level.

  1. The goal is to get the disk to rest inside the basket with as few throws as possible.
  2. Normally the starting order is made by drawing lots before starting at the first hole. When everyone has thrown out, always the one who is furthest away from the basket, regardless of whether the same player throws several times in a row. The disc is always thrown from where it has come to rest. On the next hole, the person with the best (lowest) result is starting.
  3. Every throw counts until the disc rests inside the basket.
  4. The player who has used the lowest number of throws after all 18 holes have won.
  5. Show consideration for other people staying in the area. Do not throw if there is the least chance of meeting other people with your disk.
  6. Trees and branches are part of the game, bending away or breaking off are forbidden!
  7. Discgolf is a peaceful game, the most important thing is to have fun!

Source: discgolfbanor.se

  • Map and rules over Tippsta disc golf park – press here
  • Renting frisbees is available at the bathhouse in Malmberget
  • Digital scoreboard for smartphones – Android press here
  • More information about the sport and course is available at discgolfbanor.se

Tippsta disc golf park
Visiting address: Tippsta Friluftsområde, 983 34 Malmberget
Website: discgolfbanor.se