Sleigh ride with horse

Experience a magical adventure in a stunning winter wonderland

Imaging sitting snugly wrapped in warm blankets, gliding through the velvety snow as the draft horses pull you through the winter wonderland. Experience the darkness of the Arctic winter as the horse’s bell ring through the quiet forest.

About Magic of Lapland
Magic of Lapland is a family-owned company that provides experiences out of the ordinary. They’ve built up their range of experiences and activities around the horses with care and devotion. Magic of Lapland offers authentic and relaxing activities with a combination of the past and the present. The Köhler family has previously run a farm with both cows and horses but today only the horses remain and are used for tourist trips and forestry. The family owns three carriages which can all accommodate up to 10 people.

Magic of Lapland
Visiting address: Nattavaaravägen 528, 982 39 Gällivare
Phone: +46 (0)70-210 19 56

Photo by Daniel Olausson