Dundret Lapland – ski resort & camping

At Dundret you can ski both downhill and cross-country. They also offer training camps in collaboration with various partners. All activities are on request and most are booked in advance. Dundret is just minutes by car from the city center.

Welcome to the mountain Dundret, an important part of the world-class Gällivare – An arctic small town

Gällivare Municipality has owned Dundret since July 1, 2019. The municipality’s ownership ensures the opportunity to continue to use and develop all of Dundret’s possibilities. Some of them you see below, all decisions we make are based on and reinforce these benefits. The potential is great and is not limited to this. In the future, we hope that we will be many who gather in and around Dundret with activities that we may not even know today what it is.

  • Dundret is a unique mountain and one of Gällivare’s main assets
    • Important for residents, visitors and to attract future housing and labor.
    • Unique proximity to the central city and communications by bus, train, car, and air.
    • In direct connection to Hellnerstadion’s cross-country stadium with world-class class tracks, some lighted up tracks and snowmobile trails.
  • World-class alpine facility
    • The perfect and obvious place for the continued development of all alpine sports.
  • Perfect training and competition opportunities
    • Ski high school, GSK Alpin and Freeski, FIS and other clubs and organizations.
    • Alpine national teams have training camps and are preparing for the World Cup premiere.
    • National and international competitions.
  • The mountain can stimulate the development of more and new activities
    • For the hospitality industry with a focus on tourism and groups.
    • Continue developing business for all seasons.
  • In the ongoing urban transformation phase, Dundret’s continued development is of great importance
    • The mountainous residence development that grows on Repisvaara is based on its proximity to nature and leisure activities. It also creates an infrastructure for example with public transport and more people in the area.

Before the winter season of 2019/2020, we are now focusing on getting the ski resort in shape and being ready for the winter season where we will focus on the core business. Which is getting started on the slopes with accessibility for exercise and freeskiing as well as accommodation and service as a restaurant and café.

Opening hours at Dundret ski resort 2019/2020 – press here for more information

Are you interested to rent a seasonal camping site at Dundret?
Make a declaration of interest by sending an email to

Dundret Lapland – ski resort & camping
Visiting address: Dundretvägen 1, 982 21 Gällivare
Phone: +46 (0)970-52 28 00
Website: dundretlapland.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dundretlapland
Instagram: instagram.com/dundretlapland

Photo Daniel Olausson