Wilderness week for beginners

A programme for all weatherproof nature lovers from 16 years of age. On foot and on water we explore the wild nature of Swedish Lapland for 4 days. Hiking, paddling, fishing, camping, cooking by the campfire and much more in the land of the midnight sun.

  • 1st day, Sunday – Arrival Kiruna – We will pick you up personally at the airport in Kiruna and drive together for about 1h to the south, to our lodge in Moskojärvi. There, about 100 Alaskan Huskies, a delicious dinner, and a soft bed await you.
  • 2nd day, Monday – Introduction to outdoor life – We spend the day outdoors, in close proximity to the lodge we learn useful and necessary skills that make our life in the wilderness easier. Today you will have the opportunity to test all your equipment and the newly learned skills and pack for the big adventure.
  • 3rd day, Tuesday – Paddling, and fishing – When all the luggage is distributed on our boats, we finally start. We paddle in a north-western direction until we reach our campsite for the next night. After we have set up our camp, collected firewood for the campfire, and strengthened ourselves with a delicious lunch, we will try our hand at fishing. With
    Fishing rod and fishing net we catch our dinner, which we then prepare at the campfire.
  • 4th day, Wednesday – Hike through the wilderness – Today we will go on a discovery tour with a map and compass. After we have stowed everything necessary in our rucksacks, we hike through the pure wilderness. Our destination is the approx. 8 km away and 755m high summit of Avvakko, our nearest fell. For lunch, everybody has packed a tasty sandwich and after we have set up camp near the summit we prepare a strengthening dinner over an open flame.

  • Day 5, Thursday – How do we find our boats again? – The goal of the day is to find our boats and base camp again. This should not be a problem after the orientation exercises of the last day. Lunch will be cooked on the way and for dinner, we can catch fish from the lake again.
  • Day 6, Friday – Back to the Lodge – After breakfast, we paddle back to the Lodge, and if you haven’t had enough fish yet, you are welcome to have dinner on the way back. Once back at the lodge we have to dry our equipment, tidy it up and repair it if necessary. After the work is done, a hot sauna, a well-deserved dinner, and a soft bed are waiting for us.
  • 7th day, Saturday – day for free arrangement – Today is time for relaxation, sauna, fishing, or maybe a little walk with one of our lovely Alaskan Huskies.
  • 8th day, Sunday – Departure – We will bring you back to the airport in Kiruna, wish you a good trip, and hope to see you soon, maybe at one of our winter programs.

For those of you who are more experienced in nature, there is also the activity “Wilderness Week for experienced” – click here for more information

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