Spa week at Solberget

Put in a lower gear and escape the stress of everyday life

Vildmarksbyn Solberget is located in the middle of nature in Swedish Lapland, surrounded by snow-covered old-growth forests and frozen swamps. In the courtyard, the rooms are heated by wood-burning stoves and there you can take daily sauna baths. Solberget is simply the ideal place to spoil yourself with massages and other wonderful offers for your well-being.

That is why we are now arranging a SPA week at Solberget during the winter. This offer is aimed at all people who:

  • Want to relax with massage treatments
  • Want to try Feldenkrais and cranial sacral therapy
  • Wants to feel a soft but intense bodywork
  • Want to learn more about how to perform different movements more easily and effortlessly
  • Want to enjoy daily hot saunas
  • Want to explore the snowy magic forests of Lapland on skis
  • Wants to cross frozen lakes pulled by reindeer sleighs
  • Want to treat yourself to culinary Lapland specialties
  • Want to get information about the Sami life and culture directly from a Sami

We have skied at your disposal so that you can discover Solberget’s surroundings. We do a guided ski tour through the forests where the snow is deep. There we take turns to track for each other because there are no finished ski tracks in the forests.

To further enhance relaxation, during the Feldenkrais classes, you will learn more about how to perform movements more easily and effortlessly. With the help of craniosacral therapy, you get to experience a mild, but intense bodywork. Pure relaxation is then offered, as you lie next to a warm stove and get a full body massage with fragrant massage oils. Finally, a warm sauna bath and the opportunity to cool off directly in the snow await. After the facial massage, you will shine with a new shine.

A highlight during the visit to Solberget will surely be the excursion with reindeer sleigh. On the reindeer sleds, you glide through the Lapland winter landscape. We choose a beautiful place to take a break. There we boil a real “lumberjack coffee” over an open fire and strengthen ourselves with something grilled.

In the evening we also get a visit from our neighbor Lars, who entertains us in the hut around the fire, with stories from his life as a reindeer herder. Lars has lived on reindeer husbandry all his life and can tell about the Sami life today as well as about how the Sami lived before. We will probably hear a Sami yoke this evening.

No one remains untouched by the spectacle as the sun sets in the Lapland winter sky. And then the northern lights take over and dance across the sky.

This week is led by Silke Hagenbuch and Barbara Stettler. Silke has lived at Solberget since 2005. She is a certified physiotherapist with training in massage and craniosacral therapy. Barbara Stettler has lived in Nattavaara since 2008. She is a certified Feldenkrais educator with training in classical massage.

The price includes:

  • Pick up from Nattavaara station
  • Ski equipment
  • Maps of the surroundings
  • Introduction course approx. at 13:00 first day
  • Reindeer feeding
  • Sauna
  • Full board with specialties from Lapland (dinner day 1 to lunch departure day), partly organic food (KRAV-labeled)
  • Overnight stay in cozy dormitory rooms (double rooms cost SEK 80 extra per person and night)
  • Sami evening
  • A guided ski tour of 3 hours
  • Reindeer program with a reindeer sleigh rides about 3 hours including barbequing
  • Three individual Feldenkrais lessons
  • Two craniosacral treatments
  • A full body massage
  • A partial body massage (back)
  • A facial massage
  • Place: Solberget 1, 982 06 Nattavaara
  • Price: Visit for current package prices
  • Participents: Minimum two peoples
  • Lenght: One week
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Foto: Jochen Oetinger

Visiting address: Solberget 1, 982 06 Nattavaara
Phone: +46 (0)70-293 58 87