Nuolajärvi recreation area

Nuolajärvi is a lake that is part of the Kalixälven main catchment area. The lake has an area of 0.147 square kilometers and is 353.1 meters above sea level. Nuolajärvi is easily accessible within the Gällivare urban area. Release of rainbow trout takes place in June every year with a fishing premiere on Midsummer’s Eve. In addition to rainbows, there is also trout and perch in the lake. What few know is that there is also Crucian carp in the lake and in the elimination of perch fishing, Crucian carp of up to 2.8 kg in mare has been obtained. There are plenty of jetties, fireplaces, and footbridges around the lake. Some of the bridges are also adapted for the disabled.

Please note that there is a special fishing license that applies to fish in Nuolajärvi. The fishing license can be purchased at Gällivare Tourist Center or digitally at

Visiting address: Nuolajärvi, 982 37 Gällivare

Photo: Anton Blomstam