Kåkstan (Shed town)

Kåkstan (Shed town) is the oldest shopping street and one of the first residential areas in the mining town of Malmberget. When the mine grows bigger it became obvious that a train track was needed to transport the goods from Malmberget to Luleå. When the train tracks were built, a lot of workers were needed and a large number of people were moving into Malmberget. This created a shortage of houses and neither the English company that constructed the train tracks or LKAB (the mining company) was able to provide the workers with housing. The workers were therefore forced to build their own homes.

The homes that were built were of the easiest kind, huts, hides, and simple timbered shanties. In Malmberger there wasn’t any land available to buy and eventually, their “sheds” were demolished by the landowner and the state. Hundreds of very simple homes appeared during a short time, located close to the mine and railway station. The miserable living conditions got noticed and the society “Kåkstan” (Shed town) became a well-known concept all around the country. The train tracks between Luleå and Gällivare were completed in 1888.

More information about the history you can read at the website gallivare.se

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Kåkstan (Shed town)
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Photo by Andreas Hinzer