Fjällnäs Castle

At the foot of Dundret mountain, you will find one of Gällivare’s finest buildings: Fjällnäs Castle. Fjällnäs is a wooden castle, built-in 1888 by the chief of the mining company; Carl Otto Bergman. Primarily it was a residence and an office, but it was also built to impress the members of the parliament and other senior officials who visited Malmberget with their surroundings. In 1894, Fjällnäs received a celebrity visit from King Oscar II who stayed in the castle. In the middle of the 1890s, parts of the castle were destroyed in a fire, probably caused by C.O. Bergman’s son, Otto (it is said that he devoted himself to chemistry experiments). When the castle was restored, it got two towers instead of one, as well as the new exterior that remains today.

Photo: Andreas Hinzer

Contact information for accommodation at Fjällnäs Castle

Visiting address:
Fjällnäsgränd 45, 982 39 Gällivare
+46 (0)70-638 19 59