Fisherman’s Paradise – a dream for fishermen

In Central Europe, the population density is two hundred inhabitants per square kilometer, with us it is one inhabitant. Therefore, it is quite possible that you will not meet any other people during your stay with us.

Your hosts Lies Neckebroeck, Lotti Meier, and Cäsar Hecht (from left to right) welcome you along with their approximately one hundred huskies. The facility “Fisherman’s Paradise” is a sled dog camp in the winter, for more information visit

The small and cozy camp is located far away from civilization, next to the fish-rich lakes that you will find about 150 km north of the Arctic Circle between Kiruna and Gällivare.

The water around the lodge is full of fish species that have become rare in the rest of Europe due to pollution or overfishing.

Common fish species along the area are perch, pike, trout, grayling, salmon, mountain and Canadian trout as well as whitefish, roach, bream, etc.

By the way, the camp is full of mushrooms, berries, flowers, and various birds. Reindeer and moose are also often “guests” in the camp.

Around Snowtrail Fishcamp there are countless smaller and larger lakes and rivers that can be fished in. With the County Administrative Board’s fishing license over Gällivare, you can fish over 3,680 lakes and over 8,000 km of running water. If that is not enough or if you want to experience more and get to know other waters, we offer the opportunity for attractive excursions and fishing trips. For more information about the activities and accommodation, please visit


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Gällivare Tourist Center 45 km
Lapland Airport 40 km

Snowtrail Dogcamp
Visiting address: Skaulo 92, 982 04 Gällivare
Phone: +46 (0)73-345 10 23