Dundret Nature Reserve

Dundret nature reserve is located about 4 km outside the town of Gällivare. It´s accessible by road or by the walking path from Gällivare Tourist Centre at the railway station. The top of Dundret is 823 meters above sea level from where you can experience the midnight sun between the 5:th of June until the 11:th of July. You can see the mountains in Sarek and Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden on a clear day. At the top of Dundret, you’ll find an alpine habitat with plants as Alpine Catchfly, Lapland Lousewort, Blue Heath, and Diapensia. It´s also the home of birds such as Rock Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting, and the quiet and unafraid Dotterel. You can hear the Bluethroat sing and see Willow Ptarmigans take off in front of you down in the birch forest.

Dundret has been a nature reserve since 1970 and it is also included in the EU’s ecological network of protected areas, Natura 2000. The entire area of the reserve is 52 square kilometers. Common sense in dealing with nature is a good rule of thumb when visiting a nature reserve. As is true anywhere, to litter is to commit a crime against the environmental code. Whoever visits a nature reserve must be aware of the regulations for that specific reserve. These regulations explain what is and what is not allowed. Regulations vary somewhat from one reserve to another.

The Dundret trail starts at Gällivare train station and goes all the way up to Björnfällan Dundret. It has many signs all the way, hiking takes about an hour at a normal pace.

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Hiking trail map for the Dundret area is available to buy at Gällivare Tourist Center during our opening hours.

Since 1/7 2019 the municipality of Gällivare has taken over the operation of the ski resort and caravan camping.
For questions regarding ski resort and caravan, camping contact Gällivare Municipality
Tel: +46 (0)970-52 28 00
E-mail: hej@dundretlapland.com
Website: dundretlapland.com

Dundret Nature Reserve
Visiting address: Dundretvägen 1, 982 39 Gällivare

Photo by Daniel Olausson