Djävulsklyftan (The Devil´s Gorge)

The Devil´s Gorge – beautiful scenery and magnificent views

At the road barrier at Fiskodlingsvägen in Koskullskulle, it is about 3 km to walk to the gorge. The path is a bit rocky but easy going. Nature varies, it is mountainous and steep and during the walk, you see different types of forest. During the hike you pass by remains after two different cultures; Mining epoch and nomad relocations.

The Linaälv flows in a valley between the community and the western edge of the Rävdalsområdet. The river gives a high humidity and thus houses a unique planting site for species with high natural values so far north. Many different bird species are found in the area.

At the deepest place in the Devil’s Gorge next to an adjacent stream grows a flora of red-listed vascular plants, lichens, and mosses. In the gorge, there is a volcanic lake that is 13-14 meters deep. The northern wall of the gorge is up to 30 meters high. The length of the ravine is about 2 kilometers long.

Directions from central Gällivare

  • Drive through Koskullskulle towards Tautjas
  • Just after you cross the bridge over the Linaälv there is a sign “Djävulsklyftan” on the right side of the road
  • There you can park the car at the road barrier and follow the signs on foot about 3.2km
  • Now you have arrived

Photo: Anton Blomstam