Dog sledding tour in Avvakko

Welcome to Avvakko Adventure!

With us, you get to experience the Lappish wilderness on a sled behind our willing huskies. The dogs are howling and pull their harnesses eager to start running and then suddenly become silent when the anchor is released and the sled slides away. You´ll see the dogs in their right element when they run at full speed downhill to the next moment to take in with all the power going uphill.

We offer you sled tours in peaceful and pleasant nature, everything from short 1-hour tours to weekly tours, both in the immediate area and in the mountains. You can choose to drive your own sled with 1-2 people/sled and 4-6 dogs in the front or to go on a sled with a guide who runs up to 4 guests and with 10-14 dogs in the front.

It is also possible to book an overnight adventure for up to 16 people, whether you go on a dog sled tour or not. We can arrange ice fishing, skiing, and many other activities, many things are possible, just ask.

Why not bring the staff to a common activity, barbecue, or a company party. Or bring your friends to a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, etc. In the summertime is possible to visit the husky farm, take a walk with the dogs or hike up to Avvakko mountain. You can see the Kebnekaise mountains (the highest mountain in Sweden, 2104 m) in clear weather or enjoy the midnight sun at nighttime.

We also sell gift cards for sled dog tours.

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Avvakko Adventure
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