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Tjuonajokk – welcome to land of no roads

Tjuonajokk is located in the midst of the last true wilderness of Europe.
Situated just by river Kaitum, between Kiruna and Gällivare in Swedish Lapland. There are no roads to Tjuonajokk. In the summer you go by helicopter and in the winter by snowmobile. No matter when you decide to come, the adventure, wilderness, spirit, and deep connection with nature are always present.

The indigenous heritage is also vivid, Tjuonajokk is Sami for “Goose Creek”, and is a place with a strong Sami presence and history. The two Sami communities, Girjas and Baste, are highly active in the area, a great opportunity to meet a culture almost forgotten and oppressed for centuries.

The lodge is cabins and rooms, a fine restaurant, boats, guides, a sauna, a small store with gear and necessities. And a Tjuonajokk smile for everyone. You get to the lodge by helicopter from Kiruna airport, the flight is included in our pricing for the summer season. With a good connection by air total travel time from Stockholm Arlanda international airport (ARN) is only 2,5 hours. So you reach us at the same time as a bad commuting day in one of the major cities. Tjuonajokk is also one of Sweden´s most famous fishing lodges.

The fishing, fly fishing for grayling, in particular, is known worldwide. In summertime anglers from all over the world meet to fish one of the best grayling waters there is. Besides trophy size grayling we target char, trout, and large pike.

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WC/shower, Bedclothes & towel, Sauna, Restaurant, Café, Shop.

Here you can stay with a dog.

Gällivare Tourist Center 110 km
Lapland Airport 116 km

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Tjuonajokk – FishYourDream & Björk Experience
Visiting address: Tjuonajokk, 981 99 Gällivare
Phone: +46-(0)73 376 18 97

Photo By Albin Hillert