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Welcome to Taiga Forest Lodge!

Nestled deep in the taiga forest of Swedish Lapland you will find this homey private lodge. This historic 100 year-old lodge has been carefully renovated and we now offer relaxing holidays with activities centered around nature, animals and the arctic lifestyle.

Taiga Forest Lodge is an old timber house from the beginning of the 19th century. In 2019 We, Emma & Mikael took over the place from Mikael’s grandfather and decided to restore it and open the place to the rest of the world. The lodge is nestled deep in the taiga forest of Swedish Lapland, just outside the small village, Nilivaara in Gällivare municipality.

Here you stay comfortably and close to nature and animal life. The main house has 2 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and living room with an open fireplace. In the winter there are skis to borrow and in summer you can take one of the bikes to explore the surrounding areas.

During your stay, we offer 24/7 service. We live 5 minutes away and can assist you at any time. You can also book guided activities to make the most of your stay or book our specially made packaged tours to get the full experience with meals included.

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Gällivare Tourist Centar 57 kilometers
Lapland Airport 55 kilometers

Taiga Forest Lodge
Visiting address: Männikö 3, 982 91 Gällivare
Phone: +46 (0)70-205 92 66
E-mail: info@taigaforestlodge.com
Website: taigaforestlodge.com
Facebook: facebook.com/taigaforestlodge
Instagram: instagram.com/taiga_forest_lodge

Photo: Mikael Martinsson