Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge

Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge


Company Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge


Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge is the only commercial accommodation in UNESCO World Heritage Laponia with the hotel, apartments, camping, restaurant, hotel shop, and petrol. Our location is far from services which means that products can be sold out. Call us to find out if we have what you are looking for.

A UNESCO World Heritage with grand nature and strong culture in the center of Swedish Lapland

Few places offer quiet time while you can be active and get a bit sweaty at the same time. During the summer, hiking possibilities are endless. The most famous hiking trail is The King’s trail that passes the area. Talk to us and we have more tips and ideas on where to hike or other activities. Activities for a couple of hours or days.

Parking, Car engine heater, WC, Shower, Sauna, Mini market, Restaurant, conference.

Gällivare Tourist Center 133 kilometers
Lapland Airport 140 kilometers

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Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge
Visiting address: Stora Sjöfallet, 982 99 Gällivare
Phone: +46 (0)973-400 70