Our Arctic Paradise


Hello and welcome to Our Arctic Paradise in Tjautjas!
My guest house you will find on the beach next to Tjautjasjaure, the house is handmade by pine forest logs in traditional style. Spacious with kitchen, sauna and beautiful views. A perfect place for inspiration, silence, and escape from the city lights. The beautiful nature and rich wildlife are just outside the door.

All 18 beds share a room, with individual curtains between the beds. A large terrace for fishing or just having a good meal outdoors. Fully equipped kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator, freezer and plenty of space to cook. A dryer is available. Sauna, traditional style. All water is taken by hand from the lake, during winter there is an ice drill to use. In the summer, the resort is a perfect haven for fishing or the midnight sun. During the winter, skiing and the Northern Lights attract plenty of people. A short walk to the mountain Pátsoive at 700 m with a view of Tjautjas.

Live music and inspiration
My name is Daniel Wikslund and is Sweden’s northernmost national musician. If I am lucky to meet you personally, I will play a song for you or guide you to one of my favorite places, on request.

Kitchen, Sauna, Parking, Dryer

Gällivare Tourist Center 30 kilometer
Lapland Airport 30 kilometer

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Our Arctic Paradise
Visiting address: Tjautjas 221, 983 03 Koskullskulle
Phone: +46 (0)70-554 72 55
E-mail: wikslund@hotmail.com
Website: danielwikslund.com