Hotell Fjällnäs Castle

Fjällnäs Castle in Gällivare, Swedish Lapland


Welcome to Hotell Fjällnäs Castle

We want to give temporary housing a whole new meaning and change the way we live. That is why we offer both homes and hotels. Here you will find the best of both worlds! Comfortable – practical and high quality in a modern and stylish apartment hotel.

History about the castle

At the foot of Dundret mountain, you will find one of Gällivare’s finest buildings: Fjällnäs Castle. Fjällnäs is a wooden castle, built-in 1888 by the chief of the mining company; Carl Otto Bergman. Primarily it was a residence and an office, but it was also built to impress the members of the parliament and other senior officials who visited Malmberget with their surroundings. In 1894, Fjällnäs received a celebrity visit from King Oscar II who stayed in the castle. In the middle of the 1890s, parts of the castle were destroyed in a fire, probably caused by C.O. Bergman’s son, Otto (it is said that he devoted himself to chemistry experiments). When the castle was restored, it got two towers instead of one, as well as the new exterior that remains today.

Book a weekend or stay for several months

Book a weekend or stay several months, your needs will be adjusted according to how long you stay.
We have decorated hotel apartments with style so that you get a feeling of home already when you step through the door.

Long stay at the castle – the way you want it

We at Hotell Fjällnäs Castle, want to say that we are alone in offering a stylish and practical apartment accommodation with self-catering at the foot of Dundret that you can feel at home in and around the nature of Swedish Lapland.

But just because we opted out of chocolate on the pillow, we have of course not given up on the most important thing. Instead, we have chosen to focus on what makes you feel comfortable with us for a long time. Here you live smart and comfortable at the same time. The apartments are available in sizes S, M, L, XL Suite, depending on how many of you are going to stay and how comfortable you want to live. And regardless of size, amenities are included. And a bit of our idea; Instead of paying for things you do not use, you can add the things you do not want to be without. In this way, everyone can live and thrive here in their own way.

Each apartment has a well-equipped kitchen, living room, individual bedrooms with bathrooms.

Kitchen and living room (private or shared), free WI-FI and on the premises, there are laundry facilities, gym, sauna, In addition, there is access to parking, proximity to Dundret ski resort, exercise track, forest and nature, center, restaurants, train, and bus, etc. In short, there is most and a little more here for you to be able to stay for a long time.

Welcome to an accommodation where you can feel at home.

Photo: Andreas Hinzer

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Visiting address: Fjällnäsgränd 45, 982 39 Gällivare
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