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Welcome to us in Tjautjas

Tjautjas, a small village 100 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Located half an hour’s drive from the nearest town Gällivare. The village of many lakes, surrounded by low mountains in the middle of untouched nature. Experience the high contrast of seasons between crispy polar nights and warm summer days. You are warmly welcome to us and be part of the Nordic lifestyle. For us you are not just a visitor, you are a part of the family. Wake up from the cozy cabin with a beautiful morning rise, participate in our arctic breakfast in our home or get it deserved to your cabin. During the day tours get our full attention and hospitality.

We adore the village where we are living and Aurora Lake Lapland gets started by the willing to show this stunning and undiscovered wilderness. In the beginning, it started with guided photo tours, but fastly we decided to build up to two cabins for our guests and offer all the variety of the experiences, as we have always enjoyed having people around us and be in nature. Travelers are dreamers and we aim to make the desired adventure a reality. Get a unique and close connection to the Swedish Lapland culture.

Explore the Nordic lifestyle

The undiscovered breathtaking nature and the sound of silence from the untouched wilderness. In the center of Swedish Lapland, surrounded by six National Parks, one of Europe’s oldest forests and the world heritage Laponia, we have the absolute greatest opportunities possible.

Take a walk in the Arctic nature surrounded by eagles and buzzards. Stand in the middle of the glittering winter landscape and see the northern lights dancing close to you. Experience the magic when spring turns to summer and nature comes to life after the long cold period. Visit the old forest and see capercaillie, freely roaming reindeer and moose illuminated by the midnight sun. Watch the autumn coloring nature from green to spectacular orange and deep red. By customizing every stay according to our guests´ wishes, we ensure that you get the most out of your time in Lapland and get the right experience just for you. Welcome to spend a relaxing night in one of our cabins, discover tailor maid activities and be part of nature in the most magical moments.

Want more experience?

By customizing every tour with the customer’s wishes and needs in mind, we ensure that you get the most out of the tour and get the right experience just for you. Are you ready to experience the wilderness, be a part of nature in the most magical moments? We bring you there!

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Gällivare Tourist Center 28 kilometers
Lapland Airport 28 kilometers

Aurora Lake Lapland
Visiting address: Tjautjas 106, 983 03 Koskullskulle
Phone: +46 (0)70-353 55 81

Photo Magnus Winbjörk