Gift shop

Now we pack up and take with us all our knowledge and experience in a new business concept that we make at Malmbergsvägen 4 in Gällivare where we create a concept store. It will be a place for meetings, culture, and shopping! The opening hours are Monday-Friday at 10:00-18:00 and Saturday-Sunday at 10:00-14:00. For more information, please follow the development on @welcometogallivare and @avkibolag on Facebook and Instagram.

It is possible to send products to you in Sweden and Europe.
Contact us on e-mail and we will explain more.

Some of the companies we are retailers to are:

  • Alterhedens
  • AnnaVictoria
  • Ante Skaulo
  • Ávki
  • Birgit Skum Påve
  • C/o Gerd
  • Calazo
  • Carola Skum
  • ELD by Jokkmokk
  • Elin Anna Labba
  • Hjelm Förlag
  • John E. Utsi
  • Friluftsfrämjandet Gällivare
  • Kero
  • Kläppi
  • Leila Nutti
  • Lemmelkaffe
  • Lena Sandberg Johansson
  • LG Form Kiruna
  • Lina Maria Viitala
  • Made in Jukkas
  • Marianne Hansi
  • Miiko
  • Mikaela Unga Pirak
  • Muddus
  • Nordic Souvenir
  • Serkan Günes
  • Sikholm
  • Sofia Jannok
  • Stoorstålka
  • Team Lapland
  • Trollihopp – Magnus Emlén
  • Åsa Waara – Moski