Gift shop

Welcome to the gift shop at Gällivare Tourist Center. Here you will find a wide range of products from local artists and designers. At the gift shop, we like to showcase sustainable design produced locally that we feel represents the region and our genuine arctic lifestyle.

Shop safely with us
Under current circumstances, we have rearranged the business to make your shopping experience as safe as possible. To reduce the flow of visitors, we have closed the entrance via the waiting hall and opened a new separate entrance at the platform at the train station.

It is possible to send products to you in Sweden and Europe.
Contact us by phone +46 (0)970-102 20 or email and we will explain more.

Some of the companies we are retailers to are:

  • Alterhedens
  • AnnaVictoria
  • Ante Skaulo
  • Ávki
  • Birgit Skum Påve
  • C/o Gerd
  • Calazo
  • Carola Skum
  • ELD by Jokkmokk
  • Elin Anna Labba
  • Hjelm Förlag
  • John E. Utsi
  • Friluftsfrämjandet Gällivare
  • Kero
  • Kläppi
  • Leila Nutti
  • Lemmelkaffe
  • Lena Sandberg Johansson
  • LG Form Kiruna
  • Lina Maria Viitala
  • Made in Jukkas
  • Marianne Hansi
  • Miiko
  • Mikaela Unga Pirak
  • Muddus
  • Nordic Souvenir
  • Serkan Günes
  • Sikholm
  • Sofia Jannok
  • Stoorstålka
  • Team Lapland
  • Trollihopp – Magnus Emlén
  • Åsa Waara – Moski