Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Your responsibility
At present, local actors, the municipality, and the health service make many efforts to minimize the spread of infection and its consequences. But without personal responsibility, that work is not enough. You who have the slightest symptoms of a cold should stay at home, to take care of your fellow human beings and your health. Keeping your distance and good hand hygiene reduces the risk of infecting others or getting sick yourself.

  • Current information about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Gällivare municipality – visit
  • Current information about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the whole country – visit (The Public Health Agency of Sweden)
  • Current information about PCR-test, Antigen tests, and travel certificates – visit

Hiking in mountain areas
During the summer, autumn, and spring the visitor pressure on hiking trails at the mountain areas will increase in the Gällivare municipality. Because of this, we wish that people who plan to visit the mountain areas understand that these seasons will be different under the prevailing circumstances. The hospital in Gällivare still has extremely high pressure on its wards, to burden them even more due to mountain rescues is not sustainable. Locals and tourists must take this into account and now more than ever do not take unnecessary risks in the areas. We think reading in advance on how to prepare and carry out a mountain hike during the ongoing pandemic can make a big difference.

Accommodation in STF’s mountain cabins must be pre-booked – press here for more information

The Mountain Safety Council has compiled information from the Swedish Tourist Association (STF), Laponiatjuottjudus, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten at

*This information and relevant links will be updated frequently throughout the seasons

1177 – a health guide
1177 health guide is the whole of Sweden’s gathering place for information and services in health and care. 1177 offers healthcare advice, information, inspiration, and e-services. Available on the web and by phone and open 24 hours a day. Call 1177 or visit for more information.

113 13 – the national information number
113 13 is Sweden’s national information number. You can call here to give and receive information about major accidents and crises or if you have general questions about the coronavirus that is not about disease symptoms. Call 113 13 for more information.

112 – the emergency number
The emergency number 112 must be used in emergencies when there is a danger to life, property, or the environment. An emergency is when you quickly need help from an ambulance, rescue service, police, air, sea, mountain rescue, on-duty priest, or poison information. Only call 112 when an emergency occurs.

Reach 112 from remote locations
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact position when a person calls from mobile to the emergency number 112. This can be due to several reasons, for example, that the person in need is in an area with poor coverage or that the forest road to the summer house is not exposed on the map.

To make it easier, you can retrieve your coordinates from, for example, Google Maps

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone
  2. Enter the location, or select and hold to drop a pin on the map of the location you want the coordinates for
  3. Scroll down to find the coordinates
  4. Tap the coordinates to copy to your phone’s clipboard
  5. Paste the coordinates in the search bar at the top of the screen

Satellite phone
For those who are far out in the mountains, in the middle of the forest, or, for example, out at sea, a satellite phone may be needed to get in touch with SOS Alarm in an emergency.

The emergency number to reach SOS Alarm via satellite phone is +46 63 107 112.