Ski tour on the mountain Dundret

Join me on a ski tour on our beautiful Dundret mountain. Dundret has 5 peaks, of which the highest peak is 823 metres above sea level. We take up the chairlift “Dundret Express”. Once we get of the lift, skiing is easy and the feeling of going on a large glacier is evident. When we reach the highest peak “Åke at the top” 2,5 kilometers from the lift, we can (in clear weather) see 1/11 part of Sweden and the Kebnekais massif (highest mountain in Sweden, 2106 metres above sea level. There we take a long-awaited coffee break with the packed lunch bag. We can, if you wish, make a longer trip to the “Västtoppen” where an octagonal windshield with windows 360 degrees all around, gives a fantastic view. Back home we take the Dundret Express down.

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