A unique social transformation right now in Gällivare and Malmberget

Take you on a tour of historic ground and see how a new society is built up

Gällivare, Malmberget and Koskullskulle characterized by Sami and Settlers, where the iron ore already in the 17th century formed the basis for building these three communities.
Now it sees a new chapter in social transformation.

In 2004 it was decided that almost all of Malmberget had to be moved.
A society disappears and new housing, trade and service areas are being built up.

You can rent a guide if you have your own car/bus or a guided tour including car/bus or.
The guide speaks both Swedish and English

Gällivare an arctic small town!

  • Time, 2 – 2,5 hour.
  • Departure, 09.00/15.00 or after request
  • Meetingplace, Gällivare touristcenter/Railwaystation
  • Price exampel, children up to 12 year 50%
    475 Skr/person when booked 2-4 persons exkl car/bus

*The price includes: Guide, beverage and a taste from our local specialities

For booking please contact
Karin Niva Event & Support
Phone: +46 (0)70-301 27 63
E-mail: info@karinniva.se
Website: karinniva.se