Ritsem Stugor (Cabins in Ritsem)


Company Ritsem Stugor


My name is Laila Utsi-Nägga, me and my family welcome you to stay in Ritsem. When you live with us, you experience the area a bit closer to the nature.

We have three cabins with four beds and one cabin with six beds. Parking is available by the road. You live close to nature without electricity. We supply with firewood and gas. There is a sauna and an outhouse right outside.

Explore the area by foot or on skis. Visit Ritsem’s own chapel, fly helicopter, fishing, hunt or just relax near our cabins.

The resort is open from March 15th – October 1th.

Parking, Outhouse, Bedclothes & towel, Sauna.

Here you can stay with dog.

Gällivare Tourist Center 180 kilometers
Lapland Airport 188 kilometers

Ritsem Stugor (Cabins in Ritsem)
Visiting address: Ritsem Östra, 982 99 Gällivare
Phone: +46 (0)70-244 51 28
E-mail: lailautsi@gmail.com
Website: ritsem-stugor.se